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What’s the best digital library tool to manage a huge ebook collection in the cloud?

CC Image by See-Ming Lee
Every Thanksgiving weekend I take some of the fun time to back up my entire archive, defrag and clean up my computers (very exciting, I know). This year I’ve made the resolution to go all cloud in the future, so I hope that I just bought the last external hard drive for my archives, ever.

One of the productivity and archive challenges I’m facing is finding a killer digital library management tool. … Anyone have suggestions?

I’m basically looking for the Amazon Kindle library functionality, without their DRM locking to their own app (and they also don’t allow non-Amazon file uploads, and different file formats other than the email option and I’m not emailing hundreds of books/presentations to myself).

This may not exist, yet. I know there’s lots of pieces of these kind of services that I’ve found through searching and trying out applications, but I haven’t found a perfect solution yet so I’m turning to the crowd to see if there’s something I should try out.

Must haves:

  • Android & IOS support (web availability would be awesome too)
  • Cloud-based with large storage (the library of books/pdfs/presentations I’m moving has thousands of documents from the past 12 years), so large cloud storage space is excellent, but offering the ability to only sync/download the books/files to the deviceI’m currently using would be very helpful
  • Support for ePub, Mobi, PDF (and ideally other formats, but at least those three are deal breakers)
  • Library-wide deep search
  • Sync your reading location across platforms
  • Note-taking/tracking that are private, but can be made publicly shareable (Advanced sharing features would be huge, I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface of how powerful ebooks can be, but I just need to get the library up first, then I can worry about this next level of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Digital Needs)

Would be awesome, but not deal breakers:

  • Support for audio books and music, too! ;)
  • Book lending support
  • Some way to sign into my Amazon & Apple accounts for those books too

Some of the tools I’ve been testing have pieces of what I need, but nothing’s knocked it out of the park that I’ve seen so far:


Are there other workflows I should be considering because this is totally unrealistic? (I know it’s a first world problem but syncing books between the phone/tablet every few weeks as I work through them seems like something that should be eliminated by cloud-based library technology by now.)

Thanks for any ideas you can offer!

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