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A couple typography and design resources; Trib redesigns the sports recap story & Moby the electrical engineer builds the ultimate point and shoot

happy new year

Visual Editors redesigns a bit, gets more reader driven
My favorite part–forums have been pared down from 20-30 to 6! Now if I could just find my registration password I can start posting in there.

Best of 2006
Sherman skewers all the bloggers wistful year looking back/year looking forward posts.

NPPA Photojournalism Summit 2007 Hosts Multimedia Program

A newspaper resurrection
“The world’s oldest still-published newspaper, Sweden’s Post- och Inrikes Tidningar, founded in 1645, is going out of print today. But it’s not dying. It’s moving to the web.”

Views of one MSNBC Saddam video = 3 TV ratings points
I’m, not sure if this is really good for online media or really disgusting.

Behind the Lens
The Washington Post starts a multimedia behind the scenes blog. Kinda similar to Roanoke’s 404 blog (but who isn’t trying to catch up/copy Roanoke.) (Via Dirk Halsted)

The 10 most outrageous civil liberties violations of 2006.
What year is it?

The Design Encyclopedia
Just what it says. Interesting stuff.

Microsoft hands out Ferrari’s to bloggers
Free laptops with Vista to bloggers.

AT&T agrees to strong network-neutrality provisions
30 months of playing nice (until the Republicans are back in power).

Which File Extension Are You?
For nerds to put on their myspace page. (Via digg)

How to Pop a Cork With a Sword
Or, “How to be a the jerk at the party that exploded the bottle of champagne spraying the crowd in fizzy glass shards.”

Reporting changes — Traditional sports recap story vs. Candy and stats
Sports Designer discusses The Chicago Tribune’s change for post-game day Bears coverage–dropping the traditional game recap instead for chunky blurbs, stats and factoids. Much more scanable.

MultimediaShooter » Multimedia l Year in Review
There are layers of goodness in multimedia and this stuff is at the tippy top.

15 tips to choose a good text type
Pics of some hot ascenders in here.

Disassemble p505 – How? – Casio – Digital Cameras (Point and Shoot) – Steves Forums
Trying to find a decent point and shoot camera that has a mic jack? Check out this guy (who looks oddly like Moby) that tried to engineer one into his camera. It’s kind of awesome and crazy at the same time. And I like it.

Local Journalism Dot Net
Midwest Citizen Media Mogul K. Paul Mallasch, adds to his portfolio of sites.

Wikipedia Founder’s Google Killer
“Mr. Wales told The Times of London that Google, with its algorithmic search, isn’t as smart as human editorial judgment. Wikisari will be built on the model created by Wikipedia, in which contributors will make decisions about how to rank sites in a search..

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