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Miami’s 5 clones Yahoo’s 9; RIAA lists top pirate universities; WaPost unveils blog ad network; POYi, ASNE award winners; Ira Glass on storytelling

What the 5! –
The Miami Herald and U. of Miami cloned/”got inspired” by Yahoo!’s “The 9” … except it’s 5 news nuggets … and can’t stream too well. I applaud the paper for trying something new and hope they can work out the kinks and take on some personality of their own.

Side note: What’s up with all these new video initiatives that can’t stream. Standard ‘broadband’ across the nation is capped at 256k. 256k! 256k ON A GOOD DAY WITH NO NETWORK HICCUPS. Until we can break from the telecom monopoly, rates drop dramatically or the telecoms decide to offer more bandwidth for free (HA!) we’re stuck at 256K. I’m fortunate to be on a 4 mb pipe at home, but at work I have trouble streaming many of these new projects. At the library, don’t even try! Dial up at Mom’s house? I’ll eat glass before I try that. There’s a great technology chasm. Let’s work for some standards. Yes, ‘broadband’ is growing. But it’s DSL speed broadband right now.

Common (non geek) users like my mom are not going to wait for something that keeps studdering and won’t play straight… Buffer once, then it better flow. She’s going to leave something for that before she leaves because the video may not be the crispest HD, ever in the history of the planet earth. If you can’t figure out your codecs or offer multiple versions, please put it on YouTube, Google, Revver, Brightcove or any of the dozen decent other video streaming services and stop wasting users time and bandwidth. Don’t get me started on corporate video players that don’t work for all users (I got in a lot of trouble last time I went off on that.)

The Times-Dispatch Must Spend More Time Innovating
“But to the optimist, the future is full of opportunities, especially if a newspaper builds on its many strengths — particularly local news and advertising — and at the same time responds to the unmet needs of consumers.” Newspapers making changes give me warm fuzzies inside.

RIAA lists top 25 universities handing out piracy notices
OU is now officially known for killer Halloween parties, STDs and illegal music downloading.

How to improve single-copy sales
Successful sports, become part of their habit, strike a deal with Walmart (More here at the E&P report)

WaPost unveils blog ad network
“Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive (WPNI) officially unveiled its blog ad network, Blogroll. Blogroll is designed to appeal to niche marketers and Lufthansa is its first sponsor, appearing on travel-centric blogs.”

Announcing: The Drupal Association
Drupal Association is founded. “Drupal has been a community effort since its earliest days – and a wildly successful one. The project’s the size and scope are now getting beyond what an ad hoc group of volunteers can realistically manage.”

New “Social” Dictionary
“It’s main benefit over sites like is the fact that the site is very cleanly designed and contains no advertisements.”

Least viewed stories on the site
“I have no great insight — see first sentence of this post — except that commodity news is prevalent everywhere so it’s no surprise it doesn’t draw much interest on a local news Web site.”

The 51 Best* Magazines Ever
From The New Yorker to TigerBeat.

Print declining, online video soaring
“Merrill Lynch & Co. newspaper analyst Laurent Rich Fine is optimistic about newspapers’ future – but not through print. This coincides with a New York Magazine story on newspapers’ newfound use of online videos – more successful than their TV counterparts.”

Waiting for the pencil
“In most local newsrooms in this country, we field an average of 8 camera crews in any given day. That means 8 cameras to cover a city like Tampa or Houston or Nashville. Can you imagine what would happen if a newspaper were suddenly reduced to covering Tampa with 8 pencils?”

YouTube – Ira Glass on Storytelling #1
Four-part (!) series from Ira Glass. Kinda like his book. (via Multimedia Shooter)

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: P-I Reader
The PI goes all NYT.

Toilet Paper Folder & Dispenser Prototype
There is some classic nerd rage in those comments.

Is the ‘Times’ Trying to Commit Slo-Mo Suicide? Via
“I swear to God, if I see one more sorrowful death-of-newspapers story I’m seriously going to hurt someone. Like a self-pitying newspaper person or, better yet, a hand-wringing newspaper executive.” LOL

ASNE – ASNE recognizes excellence in writing, photography
::golf clap::

POYi winners slowly being announced
Congrats to Steve and Craig from the SMH and my IPPA homies Scott, Clayton and Brian. (The judging isn’t over yet!)

2006 Sports Designer of the Year

Pothole Map | – Kern County news, events, shopping & search
User generated pothole report. Very cool. Watch out for Dorr Street in Toledo, Ohio.

Apple Profiles – Washington Post
I know, I know, my mom’s even blogged about this. But its mandatory to maintain my weekly Curley quota.

Clinton’s Golden Voice | Bill Clinton’s Paid Speeches
Adrian, Derek & Alyson Hurt animate the Bill Clinton World Tour (hit chronologically). (Via Derek)

Newspapers brought financial woes upon themselves, says Craigslist boss
“Journalism as practiced at newspapers has been hurt by an excess of money over the years as you’ve seen newspapers bought and sold and consolidated into large chains run by corporate managers to maximise profit…”

Last.FM selling to Viacom?
Bout time someone bought them!

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