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Lots of bad news in telecom and media regulation and a little good news; Zillow goes for hyperlocal news; AT&T sells out their customers, again; 40 gb broadband

Goodbye to the music industry
“So, why do I say goodbye to the music industry? Because how do kids find out about new music? On the Internet. Where on the Internet? Radio stations. Well, when they aren’t stealing music or borrowing their friends iPods that is.” More info. Given this disappointing news about internet radio, now check out this article on libraries:

If Public Libraries Didn’t Exist, Could You Start One Today?
“I am guessing there would be a huge pushback from book publishers. Given the current state of debate about intellectual property, can you imagine modern publishers being willing to sell one copy of a book and then have the owner let an unlimited number of strangers borrow it? I don’t think so. Perhaps they’d come up with a licensing agreement: the book costs $20 to own, with an additional $2 per year for every year beyond Year 1 it’s in circulation. I’m sure there would be a lot of other potential arrangements.”

Audio: Ted Stevens Wants To Switch Between Phones “As I Ride My Motorcycle”
I’m not sure if this is very funny or very sad. Perhaps both.

FCC Auction Should Allow for Open Wireless Network, Say Lawmakers
Finally, some positive news in telecom regulation! “This issue of open access lies at the center of the debate about rules that will govern the spectrum auction, which are expected to be released this month. FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin has proposed setting aside one-third of the spectrum for an open network that would work with any cellphone.”

Study: Most US Teens, Young Adults Don’t Follow The News Closely
“Harvard University has released a study that concludes that 60 percent of American teenagers pay little attention to daily news, Reuters reports.”

’10 That Do It Right’ No. 3: ‘The Onion’
“…the success of the Onion, the weekly mix of outright fake news, commentary, and real arts-and-entertainment coverage, is far from a joke. Promoting itself as “America’s Finest News Source,” the witty chronicle has grown from a small student publication at the University of Wisconsin to a major circulation and advertising powerhouse, equipped with a formidable, user-friendly Web site with all of the modern online offerings of any 21st- century newspaper.” The ‘Noke is on the ’10 That Do It Right’ list too!

Zillow expands into hyperlocal news

Suggestions for “scared” TV news sites
“I remember my days in the newsroom. Unless a viewer wrote a letter to management, most complaints went in one ear and out the other. Viewers were good for only two things: ratings and story ideas. The latter only if we wanted to listen.” Dude, TV people really are like that? I thought it was just an urban legend. Anyway, Angela has good stuff here for TV (or) newspaper sites to build audiences.

Using the Internet to Find Stories
“In a digital age, let’s expand upon that theory – let’s create Digital Listening Posts.” Great tips for reporters to get wired sources.

The Original (and Future?) Facebook
“The basic lesson is one I’ve said before, but probably is worth repeating: we collect a ton of information and only think about how it will help shape a smallish blob of text in tomorrow’s paper. And then we forget about it and move on. Now here’s the ironic bit. If you think about it, newspaper wedding announcements and obituaries (in particular) are the original social networking application: people volunteer or even pay to have these announcements printed, they hand over personal information that could be quite interesting or relevant in other situations and they really, really like to see those announcements in the paper.”

About our redesign — South Florida
The Sun-Sentinel joins the Orlando Sentinel in rolling out Tribune Corporate’s new “Gen3” cms and layout template.

MySpace – Still The King (for now)
“I can imagine that all the Facebook hype is a little annoying to MySpace – which is still the largest site on the Internet. That may be some of the motivation behind the press release going out Thursday morning saying, effectively, that they are still the King of Social Networking.”

Sigbritt, 75, has world’s fastest broadband
“A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books – with the world’s fastest internet connection.” (via Digg) Hm… 40 gb, eh? I wonder if there’s a ‘Mr.’ Löthberg.

News-Gazette Launches Harry Potter Niche Site
I’m sorry, I don’t ‘get’ Harry Potter but I’m sure there are people who don’t ‘get’ Star Wars. I applaud this niche site effort.

What j-students need
“… You’re absolutely out of your mind.” These are awesome.

House Passes College Cost Reduction
“House Passes Single Largest Effort to Help Students Pay for College since GI Bill Bill Would Boost Scholarships and Reduce Student Loan Costs at No New Taxpayer Expense WASHINGTON, D.C. – By an overwhelming vote of 273 to 149…”

OMG — My Boss Wants To Be My ‘Friend’ Online
“But when his boss, in his 30s, invited Mr. Dyer, 24 years old, to be friends on the social-networking sites MySpace and Facebook, dodging wasn’t so easy. On the one hand, accepting a person’s request to be friends online grants them access to the kind of intimacy never meant for office consumption, such as recent photos of keggers and jibes from friends. (‘Still wearing that lampshade?’)” Note to self: Remove last weekend’s streaking photos from MySpace.

Medill – Great Storytelling in Visual Formats at Robb Montgomery
“Next month we’ll be gathering along Lake Michigan for a presentation and coaching in visual journalism at the annual meeting Alternative Journalism Workshop of Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.” All you Chicago readers should get to this.

YouTube – Michael Moore vs. Sonjay Gupta
My question is answered: The broadcast media does make corrections!


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