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Internet Radio stations silent today; Frequency in video ads; Human-to-Human design; And extra snark today!

Silence. Courtesy Koan

Internet Radio stations declare Day of Silence on June 26
“On June 26, thousands of webcasters will go silent and cut off the music in protest to the royalty rate increase by the Copyright Royalty Rate Board. Some of the participants of this protest includes Yahoo, Rhapsody, MTV Online and Live 365.”

Human-to-Human Design
Great article. “Storytelling is a rich and compelling way to involve the user in a design, evoke an emotional response, or enhance a user’s learning experience. The question to ask is: Is there a more creative way to present the required information to increase the user’s involvement?”

Video WILL NOT save newspapers, this WILL
“NYTLABS? Who knew? I believe this kind of stuff will save use, not video. The video hype is just that, hype, remember the hype about blogs, citizen-journalism and user generated content. Those didn’t save or kill us did they? This and compelling content that users can interact with, is what will survive and be our savior.”

Choices: The AT&T/iPhone Moral Quandary
Cannot. Give. Vader. More. Money.

Frequency key to video ads; Frequency key to video ads
“A recent Online Publishers Association study shows (on Page 24) that the shorter the ad, the more people are likely to pay attention. The goal of a compelling 5-second tagline is to interest the viewer in watching 30 seconds more.”

Washington Post puts video up top
“Today when I did my routine check of my favorite national sites I was surprised to see a newspaper site leading their page with video. On top of leading with video, it was shot by their own staff, and in a 16×9 player from Brightcove.”

If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers
This is divine.

“Sicko” Makes Them Sick
“A multifaceted counteroffensive against Michael Moore’s film about the health care industry” is beginning, reports Elizabeth Solomont. To counter the movie Sicko, ‘free market think tanks and the drug companies are already mobilizing. … Several organizations staging responses to ‘Sicko’ receive funding from pharmaceutical companies, including the Manhattan Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Pacific Research Institute,’ notes Solomont, citing SourceWatch. “It definitely has to be rebutted,” said the Pacific Research Institute’s Sally Pipes. “ relaunch
Hm. So is this what the company-wide Tribune ‘Gen3′ redesign is going to look like? Verticle nav. still? … Fo’ real? I’m sorry, but I think I like McClatchy’s new blue redesign more than this one.

PenguinLinkedIn to open up to developers
Awesome. Now I’ll soon be able to buy Rob Curley a digital penguin gift for $1. (Seriously, Facebook. What’s up with that?)

SND Update Blog: Coolest. Thing. Ever.
“Looks like a regular newspaper rack, but it can run through a slideshow of various front pages thanks to a built-in Mac Mini.”

PJNet Today: Lasica Developing Citizen Media Toolkit
Ok, hold up. By “developing,” do you mean “blogging about?” I see “a continuous quest” and “exploring” mentioned in Gahran’s article and a wishlist of what Lasica “would like to see” but no “programming” or “developing” from him. Am I missing something?

Meaning in Motion: Ken Burns and His ‘Effect’
Please ask your doctor and use the Ken Burns effect reasonably!

Is there anything spinach can’t do?

Exclusive: The LEGO Universe Trailer
I don’t know what this is exactly but I love it.


  1. Hi there.

    Regarding what Lasica’s up to with the toolbox development — no, he’s not coding it per se. My understanding is that he’ll be doing what he does best — finding out what projects are going on, talking to the programmers and backers, bringing people together, helping things happen, and telling us all about it.

    Sorry about the unclear language in my post 🙂

    – Amy Gahran

  2. Thanks for clarifying that, Amy. At first, I thought we had an open source Adrian Holovaty-style programmer working for us.