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AP finds Borat causes Kazah rage; Free Django book; Roanoke does Hallowen up; Someone tell “The 9” to turn it down to about a 6


First Death of a Citizen Journalist?
“This is probably the first death of a citizen journalist during the era of citizen journalism, though I doubt it will be blogged as such.”

‘Borat’ movie annoys Kazakhs of all stripes (10/31)
Is this for real? (The news report?) A Kazakhstani ‘falcon handler’ says, “Our nation is most humane but he must be killed straight away.” A horse herder says horse milk tastes like Champaign. Snakes on a what? Borat’s the new hotness.

The Roanoke Times Halloween TimesCast does an awesome Halloween-themed TimesCast. Headless anchor. Awesome bellybutton lav microphone setup. Viewer-contributed evil laugh contest. But I wonder, why didn’t Tad dress up? (j/k, Tad’s the man. Beards unite.)

USA newspapers: Worst numbers ever and older readers. Period.
“What’s Next? Less readers. Older Readers. Less advertising. Less journalists. Less journalism. They were sleeping. And still they are.”

Wired Digital Acquires Reddit
Wired Digital / CondeNet has purchased the personalized social news aggregation website Reddit

The Django Book
Yes, please!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart goes to Ohio
I love the Daily Show but really, really can’t stand their video player. I can’t get 4 seconds of video without a buffer! They really need Youtube. (Evidently this has been settled.) Anyway, why’d they have to hold their event at OSU? The O-H I-O douchebags were out in the first 60 seconds.

Sweet mapping demographic mashup. Should be great to watch.

My Costume is a Real Digg Story
This is Halloween nerd-riffic!

THE 9 on Yahoo! – Tuesday October 31st
Is it just me or is Maria Sansone trying too hard? Why is she always yelling? The 9 is a good concept and well executed but I just can’t stand her hosting it. Its like she’s smiling so hard she’s going to explode. Isn’t there a hipster version?

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  1. Great links today! I love the Django book and Neighboroo.