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94 ultimate networking, interviewing, negotiating, resume and job board resources find a better gig

Meta intro (feel free to skip):

The past couple weeks I’ve been pretty bummed about the state of the industry and the continuous job cuts at newspapers (most recently from the NYTimes, Chicago Tribune and San Jose Mercury News). That disappointment has been amplified by the growing amount of negativity and dog-fighting among journalism blogs. One that most perfectly personifies this is (Disclosure: Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an interesting site and I linked to Angry Journalist earlier in the week, but what at first seemed kind of humorous/entertaining, is now just getting sad the more I read it.)

So for all the pink slip receivers or for those that hate their jobs and want a new one, grab your bootstraps and this list and do something about your situation. I know there’s a lot of hiring freezes right now but there’s a lot of resources here that could help you outside of the traditional newspaper job (if they don’t want your talent, it’s their loss). So below I’ve listed some of the best stuff from my delicious bookmark archive, including:

  • 14 professional networking resources
  • 14 interviewing and negotiating resources
  • 25 resume resources
  • 41 places to find jobs

Stay positive and keep up the good fight.

P.S. If you find some busted links or have something that should be on this list, lemme know in the comments or via email at will [at] and I’ll add it.


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  1. great list Will! You’ve been dugg. The direct links to the job boards for the different media companies is handy. I guess the only question left is how to decide which job you want.

  2. Link bait-o-licious! 🙂

    This is a great resource Will. Thanks for putting it together.

    I should also note that Scripps corporate is currently looking to fill six positions, which include:

    Product Manager, automotive and classified specialties.
    Project Manager, emphasis on rapid development.
    Project Manager, emphasis on innovation projects.
    System Administrator, emphasis on LAMP/open source/Python/Django.
    Database Administrator, emphasis on PostgreSQL/MySQL in LAMP environments.
    Business Intelligence Analyst, emphasis on Omniture, ComScore, HitWise.

    Interested folks can contact me directly if they want more information.

  3. This is fantastic and a wonderful resource. I’m throwing this link at the top of

    Oh, and thanks for the plug.

    I want to say that I also share your sense of sadness. Having read all the comments on the site, it’s a depressing thing to see how many people are so angry, frustrated and downright sad because of this industry. I feel actually pretty bad for all of those who’ve posted, but I still don’t know that’s there’s any solution other than “find a new job.”

  4. Wow. Thanks guys — a digg and a huge link! Much obliged.

    Keep rockin’.

  5. Will,

    Fantastic resource. I made a blog post about this today, and I think it’s a must read for college seniors.

  6. Great website! Lots of useful stuff here, and presented in such a nice unpretentious voice :).

    One thing: the “What I look for in new hires from the News-Record’s Editor Blog” link gives me a 404.

  7. Thanks for the catch, Traci.

    Here’s the correct link:

    It should be fixed now too.